Free Book Friday: The First Bad Man by Miranda July


#FreeBookFriday is back! Last week we gave away the third volume of Brian McClellan’s much anticipated Powder Mage series. This week we’re moving from fantasy to a bit of literature. This weeks giveaway is a hardcover copy of Miranda July’s new novel The First Bad Man. Lots of folks have read this and said it was pretty darn good, we definitely liked it here. So same rules as last week: email us at, tweet at us @astheplotthins and make sure to use the #freebookfriday so we get all the submissions. Once again we’ll run his until Sunday night at 8pm CST and pick a winner. We didn’t mention this last time, but this is USA only. Sorry to our other worldly readers, but because this is a completely out of pocket expense for us, we cannot afford to ship overseas. Good luck.

Oh and one last tidbit. We’d love to take suggestions for giveaway books. If there’s a title you’re dying to get your hands on, let us know and we’ll see if we can procure it for you. Maybe it’s a new book releasing or maybe it’s a title you love that’s releasing in paperback soon. Either way let us know by comment, email or tweet!

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