Musnet by Kickily

When it comes to graphic novels, it’s usually a toss up between which is the star of the book: the art or the story. This isn’t to say that it isn’t possible to have the art and story be equally as good as the other. Daytripper by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba comes to mind. Also the Maus series by Art Spiegelman. But there’s something just so wonderfully perfect about Kickily’s Musnet series, as if the art and story were always meant for each other.


The first three volumes (and presumably the final fourth) of Musnet tells the story of an mouse cum painter living in the gardens of the real life painter responsible for the world famous “Water Lilies” painting. The mouse comes to be known as Musnet (a nod to his garden’s owner, Monet) and begins his apprentice journey to painter. He makes friends with another mouse, a spider and gets into plenty of adventure and trouble along the way.

No other style of art could do justice to a story such as Musnet’s. As a painter himself, Musnet finds himself in peculiar situations, often at the behest of everyone around him. Kickily’s amazing talent really shines through on the pages that look like they were painted by Monet himself. With each volume clocking in at around 50 pages, they are the perfect bedtime story to read to your kids over a couple of nights. Musnet and his friends are always off on fun adventures and the art is definitely something for a parent to appreciate.

Rating: 4 out of 5 – While the volumes are short, it’s a worthwhile venture for the art of the incredibly talented Kickily.

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