Bearded Book Boys is a book review site that specializes in new releases and existing releases. It’s staff is currently comprised of former writers, editors and administrators for media sites like Media Snobs, As The Plot Thins and Sputnik Music.

Questions, concerns, comments or review requests can be sent to beardedbookboys@gmail.com and on Twitter @beardedbookboys

Joe – @toejben

Nate – @ericksonnat

Adam – @eyythom

One thought on “About

  1. Sorry to mention it in a comment but I’m currently hosting a giveaway for a book called Half a King by Joe Abercrombie. However, so far, there has been little interest so I am trying to reach out to bloggers who may be interested. I have a review of the book along with the giveaway together in one post so, if you would be interested, would you mind checking it out? I’m worried in case my giveaway turns into a failure as the publishing company were the ones to contact me offering a giveaway.

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