Interview with Patty Yumi Cottrell

Photo Credit: Hanly Banks Callahan Bearded Book Boys (BBB): Your first novel, Sorry to Disrupt the Peace, releases soon. Prior to that you have been quite the prolific short fiction writer. Do you prefer that form or was Disrupt just the first novel length project that felt worthy to you? Patty Yumi Cottrell (PYC): All of those publications have been spread out over the course of … Continue reading Interview with Patty Yumi Cottrell

Sunshine State by Sarah Gerard

My wife’s family loves Florida. They have stories about almost losing my brother-in-law at Disney World, favorite beaches and countless memories of their time in the Sunshine State. I visited for the first time a few years into our relationship. We stayed outside of Orlando, went to Busch Gardens and visited beaches on both sides of the state. I made it back again in 2015, … Continue reading Sunshine State by Sarah Gerard