Interview with Patty Yumi Cottrell

Photo Credit: Hanly Banks Callahan Bearded Book Boys (BBB): Your first novel, Sorry to Disrupt the Peace, releases soon. Prior to that you have been quite the prolific short fiction writer. Do you prefer that form or was Disrupt just the first novel length project that felt worthy to you? Patty Yumi Cottrell (PYC): All of those publications have been spread out over the course of … Continue reading Interview with Patty Yumi Cottrell

Interview with Nickolas Butler

Photo Credit: Andrea Paulseth Bearded Book Boys (BBB): From your first novel to your now second, you have immortalized your own experiences into your fiction. Does a version of Camp Chippewa exist for you? Nickolas Butler (NB): First of all, thank you for this interview.  I want you to know that today, my beard is well-waxed and groomed.  I prefer a product called “WISDOM” from the … Continue reading Interview with Nickolas Butler

Interview with George Saunders

Bearded Book Boys (BBB): It’s been just over 20 years since your first short story collection was released. Was there a feeling of pressure to finally write a novel? George Saunders (GS): Honestly, no.  And in some paradoxical way, my genuine disinterest in writing a novel helped make this one possible.  What I mean is, I felt pretty free to do whatever needed to honor … Continue reading Interview with George Saunders

Interview with Yewande Omotoso

Bearded Book Boys (BBB): First let me just thank you for taking the time to chat with us. How has reception been for The Woman Next Door? I know it’s been released for a while in other parts of the world, despite only coming out next week/this week in America. Yewande Omotoso (YO): Thank you for the interview and your reading and interest. ‘The Woman … Continue reading Interview with Yewande Omotoso